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    So… i want to know how do i choose the amount of mangas to show in the front, the current pagination uses chapters not manga… this doesn’t work for me on the custom theme that i applied.


    If I understand you correctly then do the following.

    open for editing


    To find scopeHotManga
    At line 185 replace it

    ORDER BY c1.created_at DESC";

    By this

    ORDER BY c1.created_at DESC
    LIMIT 6";

    I’m not looking to modify the hot manga list, just the latest manga in the index, the pagination only lets me select the last x chapters instead of the last x mangas.


    Sorry… but I can not understand what you want to do


    To make this clear, in the admin options -> pagination -> Homepage: Latest chapters <- that controls how many CHAPTERS appear in the homepage, what i want is to show the last MANGAS NOT CHAPTERS in the homepage.

    Example: if i put 10 in the option and the last 2 published mangas have 5 chapters each, in the homepage only those 2 mangas will appear because combined they are the last 10 CHAPTERS published…

    I want it to show the last 10 MANGAS no matter how many chapters they have…


    Well… since there’s no solution i guess i’ll stop using the $latestMangaUpdates in the content.blade.php and use a custom code, it’s a shame that the script pagination selects the last “x” chapters instead of the whole manga…

    For those who didn’t quite understood what i wanted here’s a quick example:

    If the last manga that i published has 5 chapters and the pagination option (Homepage: Latest chapters) is set to 5, it will only show me that manga in the front because that manga has the last 5 chapters, that is wrong, i want it to show 5 mangas regardless of how many chapters they have…

    I guess i’ll try to fetch the manga info via mysqli (i’m no good in laravel) and display the last “x” mangas with LIMIT


    the service is called “X Latest chapters”, this, will get only X last chapters, means the treatment is correct.
    what you want is very specific, and can’t be done with this service.

    I suggest you to get inspired from the latest hot manga updates, this will get X latest updated manga, and after you need to add the number of chapters to get for each manga, and it’s better to do it with SQL.


    Alright i’ll have to manage, if i get a good solution i’ll post it here in case someone else is looking for the same thing.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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